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Who Is CTA US & CTA Filer?

CorporateTransparencyAct.us & CTAfiler.com is an “Experience as a Service”® web application.  We provide your corporation or LLC a place to pull-together the information on beneficial owners of your company to file the necessary Registry Form with FinCEN.  Each firm has to file individually, identify which owners need to file, and provide the required data on these domestic and foreign owners.   CTAfiler.com will keep appropriate evidence related to their ownership as required by law, securely housed until you need to file it again.


Determine if your organization has Beneficial Ownership reporting requirements, as set forth in the Act, or if your firm is in an exempt group as specified by the Act.
Identify any and all individuals who would be considered beneficial owners under the Act.
Identification documents of each individual considered to be a beneficial owner are current (i.e., non-expired) and/or plan to renew upon expiration.
Provide resources to securely store and transmit documents to assist in compliance with the new (and emerging) filing obligations.
Annual monitoring to track compliance requirements.

Present updates on new procedures and articles on the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) requirements and their implications for small and medium sized businesses.

One Goal In Mind...

How Can We Help?

Here at CorporateTransparencyAct.us & CTAFiler.com, our goal is to help you run your company profitably and efficiently.  We provide timely information to make informed decisions and offer a world-class tool to make it EASY for your company to file the required CTA Beneficial Owners Registry Form with the Federal Government (FinCEN).

We understand that running a business is not easy! It requires many different things to be done and the list seems to keep building and building!

With the new Corporate Transparency Act, coming out in 2022, it adds yet another task to your already extensive list. Not to mention, the CTA form is required by law to be verified in writing, filed and the information needs to be retained for five years.

That’s where CTAFiler.com comes in to help. With a low-cost service, we assist you to enter your Beneficial Owners information, verify the information with digital signature, file the CTA form with FinCEN, reducing the hassle and uncomplicating the process.

Our US-based staff are trusted and accountable, CPAs, lawyers, and data security specialists with decades of experience. 

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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