Its important to know, the CTA law will require corporations, LLC’s and Partnerships that have under $5 million in gross revenue, and under 21 employees, to file data on their “Beneficial Owners” and “Company Applicants” to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

More importantly, the law will require the accurate and secure collection of diverse personal data that will be reported to the US Treasure Department about the owners, shareholders, executives, (“Beneficial Owners”), and corporate filers of these firms (“Company Applicants”).  

There will be deadlines for providing this data to FinCEN which means now is the time to be ready…

The corporation, LLC or Partnership will need to collect this required information from its “Beneficial Owners”, which will require the “Beneficial Owners” to provide that it is true and accurate.

There will be penalties for not filing or providing inaccurate data which is why the corporation or LLC will need an affidavit from the “Beneficial Owners”, stating that the information provided is true and accurate. 

The Corporate Transparency Act Affidavits come with the required affidavits to assist in collecting this needed information, in a timely manner, with a sworn statement from the Beneficial Owners that the information provided is true and accurate. The Company can safely file the data with FinCEN.

Get all your Beneficial Owners and Applicants’ information ready today by having them fill out the Corporate Transparency Act Affidavits. Make sure you are ready to file when the time comes…

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